Aksaray University is a state university whose foundation was accepted by the Council of  Ministers in 2006. As a result of the law no. 5467 published in Official Gazette no. 26111 with the date of 17th March, 2006, While subsidiary to Niğde University, it became an independent university with its own President, having faculties and schools within the constitution. Prof. Yusuf Şahin is the President of the university.

There are associate degree and undergraduate programmes within 9 faculties, 7 vocational schools, 4 schools in Aksaray University. Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences have graduate programmes. In our university, there are 9975 students within the faculties and schools, 4650 within vocational schools and 1871 within Institutes; 16469 students in total.

As to the academic staff, there are 21 professors, 72 associate professors, 262 assistant professors, 134 Instructors, 27 lecturers and 198 research assistants in Aksaray University, 684 in total.